Parenting Class certificates are available to couples or single parents. Our program is acceptable to the court for a parenting class certificate. The lessons cover nurturing, discipline, first aid and other topics. You will learn skills to help keep children happy, healthy, and safe. Successful completion for the certificate requires watching and discussing each lesson with a mentor, as well as completing a homework assignment each week. The certificate program is appropriate for parents with infants, toddlers and children. Each lesson takes about an hour to complete, and there are ten weekly lessons. Clients may earn vouchers to redeem for diapers, clothes, and other items if their children are newborn through two years of age.

Each 10 week course includes:

Parenting Infants 1

The basics of newborn care and the parent/child relationship.

Parenting Infants 2

What constitutes a pediatric emergency or illness and how to raise healthy babies are topics of discussion.

Parenting Toddlers 1

Descriptions of a toddler’s development from 9 to 36 months.

Parenting Toddlers 2

How to handle tantrums, whining and arguing, as well as providing strategies for parenting toddlers in a loving manner.

Parenting Children 1

Styles of parenting in relation to child personality types are discussed. Also, what destroys families and how to develop a close-knit, peaceful household.

Parenting Children 2

What discipline is and what it is not. Learn how to find balance in parenting your children throughout their childhood.

Material Assistance: EARN WHILE YOU LEARN

This program helps meet the needs of expectant and new parents by providing for the physical needs of baby. Requiring the parents to earn what is needed through learning. Parents meet weekly with the same mentor and form a meaningful relationship. Male and female mentors are available. The content of this program includes:

Stages of pregnancy and fetal development

Preparation for birth

Parenting skills for children birth thru preschool

The client earns vouchers and then shops in God’s Little Blessings Boutique where there are new and gently used items for baby.


– Weekly appointments are to be kept and participants should be on time. If for any reason an appointment cannot be kept, please notify the center and re-schedule as soon as possible.
– After three missed appointments the participant will be automatically dropped from the program and must re-apply after a period of 6 months.
– Missed appointments do not include rescheduled or cancelled appointments.
– Vouchers are earned and redeemed as outlined in this brochure. Items not listed may be redeemed at the discretion of the mentor.
– Each participant is solely responsible for their vouchers. The Pregnancy Resource Center will not keep nor maintain a record of earned vouchers.
– Vouchers may be redeemed for baby items when they are available. The Pregnancy Resource Center cannot guarantee that all items are always in stock.
– Items may not be returned or exchanged for vouchers or other items.
– This program is designed for expectant parents and parents of children birth to two years old.
– The materials available are intended for the participant. Vouchers are not transferable.
– Due to the high demand for diapers, we must limit redemption to one dozen per child per visit.
– Questions and concerns should be directed to the Mentors first. If for any reason there is further concern, the Director may be consulted

The Pregnancy Resource Center reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time and without notice

Ways to Earn Vouchers

– Complete a Mentoring lesson with a mentor.
– Complete homework.
– Read assigned pamphlet and write a one page report (limit one per visit).
– Prenatal check-up or a well-baby visit (bring a note form the doctor).
– Attend a church service (bring the bulletin from the church).
– Read “The Daily Bread” devotional and keep a journal for a week.
– Bring the baby’s father or mother.
– Refer a friend.