Material Assistance

"Mentoring Moms" is an "Earn While You Learn" program that helps meet the needs of  an expectant mother by providing for her physical needs yet requiring that she earn what she needs through learning.  Because the new mom meets weekly with the same Mentoring Mom a meaningful relationship often develops.  The content  of this program will take the young mother through the stages of her pregnancy, prepare her for childbirth and equip her with parenting skills that will carry  her though the first several years of her child’s development.

The client earns vouchers and then shops in God’s Little Blessings Boutique where there are new and gently used items for their baby.

Ways to earn vouchers:

  • Complete a Mentoring Moms Lesson with a counselor.
  • Complete homework .
  • Read assigned pamphlet and write a one page report (limit one per visit).
  • Prenatal check-up or a well visit for baby (bring a note from the doctor).
  • Attend a Church Service (bring the bulletin from the church)
  • Read “The Daily Bread” and keep a journal for a week.
  • Bring the baby’s father with you.

Some topics for mentoring:

  • Prenatal Care
  • Nutrition
  • Going it Alone
  • Smoking
  • Your Developing Baby
  • Looking at Adoption
  • What’s Safe, What Isn’t 
  • Your Changing Body
  • Eye-Contact Means Love
  • Getting Ready
  • Reducing the Risk of SIDS
  • Infant Temperament